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You’ve Got This!  Let our community provide you with the support and tools you need to get the job you desire – the one you deserve.

The IT Industry is Waiting

We have your blueprint for success!  Regardless of what your background or experience is, we have a plan to get you started.

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There’s a network of women that want to connect with you!  Join our group of skilled and fearless women, ready to provide guidance and support.


% of women who leave their technology jobs mid career
The number of IT jobs projected by 2020
% of women in professional computing jobs
The number of female CEOs in the Fortune 500 last year
Helping Yourself and the Next Generation of Female Leader

You’re a great position.  As a woman with work experience that’s ready to re-enter the workforce, you’re in a position to increase the number of females in leadership in IT and women for the next generation to look up to.   The need for seasoned professionals to mentor and lead by example continues to increase as the number of young women entering into IT careers decreases.  As you continue your journey to find your next role, always remember the community of young women ready to follow in your footsteps.  Be that example today!

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