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Stressed at Work? Mentoring a Colleague Could Help

“Why does mentoring have this impact on mentors? We believe it offers a way to receive support that is often lacking. … Mentoring offers a way to build trust within a relationship that lays a foundation for open and honest communication of sensitive topics.”

~ From Michael Gill and Thomas Roulet’s Harvard Business Review article about the benefits of mentorship (for the mentor that is)

You get what you give…right?  Well Michael Gill and Thomas Roulet certainly think so.  While this post does not reference women or technology – it does a great job of leveraging research and interviews to identify the benefits and importance of being a mentor.  Our hope is that you read this article and get inspired to consider putting your experience and wisdom to work by engaging in a mentorship program (we have one at MSHE that’s pretty great btw).  Mentoring is a great way to stay connected (or re-connect) while growing your network and personal and professional development as well.  Read on.


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