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Unlocking Your Untapped Brilliance

Come listen to The Barb List!  Barbara Hardy, Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at NetSuite delivers an inspirational speech full of positive energy.

“When we actually focus on ourselves, amazing things happen – our roles change, our families change, our lives change, the atmosphere when we walk in the room, actually changes.”

~ Barbara Hardy

The MSHE Team was fortunate enough to hear this speech from Barbara in person at The WIT Network’s innagural International Women’s Day Conference in Kansas City, and it was just amazing.  Barbara talks about our limiting beliefs and how to find your own Brilliance.  During her talk she challenges us to be Present and tells you how to manage your limiting beliefs.  She has created a Top Ten List of Principles that center on finding and/or tapping your inner brilliance which leads to mastering our limiting beliefs.  Any doubts you may have regarding going back to work or leaving your career to start a family are wrapped in your limiting beliefs – take some time and hear what Barbara has to say about overcoming your doubts and unlocking your untapped brilliance and potential.


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