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What My Mother Taught Me – MSHE’s first Facebook Post to Honor Mother’s Day

“Thanks to my mother, I knew that I had to set my own agenda — and that the women I met around the world deserved to set their own agendas, too.”

Melinda Gates tells an amazing story about the power and influence her mother had in defining her future.  In the spirit of MSHE and our focus on wanting to empower mom’s everywhere who want to re-enter the workforce, I’m sharing these great words of wisdom and encouraging you share them with your families and others as well.  As you read this article, think about what setting your agenda means to you righ now.  Are re-entering the workforce or preparing to take a sabbatical so you can start a family?  Regardless of where you are at in your career journey, the importance around setting an agenda for yourself and staying true to it is critical to evaluate to ensure you stay true to yourself.  Spend some time with the post below as it ends up being a wonderful love letter from Melinda Gates to her mother.


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