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Powering Women's Careers


My first book, Finish the Sentence has arrived!

Send a woman to The WIT Networks, Athena Emerging Leaders Program, by supporting the launch of Sharan Kuyawa Hildebrand’s first book:

100% of Finish the Sentence book sale proceeds will go to The WIT Network, Becoming Athena Emerging Leaders Program scholarship fund.

The Finish the Sentence team is grateful to have a partnership with The WIT Network, and is delighted to announce that starting September 19th, 2022 through October 21st, 2022, 100% of the book sale proceeds will go to fund a scholarship fund for the Becoming Athena Emerging Leaders Program.

This program provides emerging women leaders with a global platform, tools and resources to create their professional pathways.  Empowering early stage developing leaders and later stage leaders that want elevate their level of leadership, this program helps women:

  • Expand their sphere of influence
  • Cultivate resiliency in the face of change and challenge
  • Build confidence
  • Build relationships and learn from other female leaders from around the world

The WIT Network is a global and local Not For Profit organization providing inspiration, education, mentoring, networking and practical advice to empower women and men to build an grow their careers in technology.  Learn more at:


Claire and Bryn – led successful careers before leaving to start their families. With kids in school full-time, they want to go back to work. What do they do? How will they get started?

Colleen – an accomplished non-profit leader with a satisfying life and a wonderful partner. She wants to do more, and make bigger things happen, but how does she figure out what this means?

Diana – a single mom that dreams of having her own business, tied to a charitable cause. How does she decide to take this leap and trust that a net will be there if she falls?

Claudia – a corporate executive with a strong resume that loves volunteering her time. What is the valuable lesson she must learn about managing her ego and its impact on her life?

Madeline – the serial entrepreneur, ready to share her success and connect women with kick ass careers. She’s passionate about what she does but is haunted by something from her past. What will happen once she re-visits this ghost?

Join these women on their shared journey to change their lives – and learn the exercises, tools, and best practices they use to unlock their power and discover career success.


How to complete a specialized Homework Assignment that can help you define/redefine your career goals.

The power of working with an Accountability Partner to support your near- and long-term goals.

What completing a Dream Network exercise can do to help you define what your next career development step should be.

The negative impact your ego can have, without you even realizing it and how to manage it and push it out of your way.

How to assess, grow and develop a strong professional network that can lead to you forming your own personal board of directors.


Sharan Hildebrand is a 30-year corporate executive, speaker, and founder of Fearless Sisters, LLC. With a career built in technology, Sharan was motivated to form Fearless Sisters after observing the lack of female leadership in the industry.
Dedicated to elevating the next generation of female leader, Sharan loves to mentor and connect women with resources to advance their career journey.

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