What We Believe 

Past Missteps and Regrettable Choices Do Not Define Your Future

Our commitment lies in assisting women to seize control of their lives by nurturing their innate strengths fostering independence and expanding their networks to realize their full potential.


Network building and development is the Foundation of Your Future Success

Collaborations are a vital part of your future career expansion.  We want to help you connect and harmonize with others to propel your career success.


Financial Independence is a Mindset

This is either rooted in fear, low self-esteem and the unknown, or it's rooted in excitement, opportunity, and confidence.  We understand and are here to help take control of your mindset.


They Say it Takes a Village, We Say it Takes a Personal Board of Directors

We believe in building your personal support system, an are here to help you nurture and cultivate your current network to design an inner circle that paves the way to your career success.

Meet Sharan Hildebrand

Sharan started Fearless Sisters to create a community focused on the empowerment of women.  She believes this is achieved by nurturing their confidence and fostering connections with others, but also by delving into the fundamental "why" that underpins these transformative processes.


Why We Love the Lotus Flower

The lotus flower holds significant, often representing purity, enlightenment, and growth. It starts as a seed at the bottom of a pond, grows through the murky water, and eventually emerges on the surface as a beautiful, pristine flower. This journey can be compared to networking in various ways:

  • Starting Point: Just like a lotus seed at the bottom of a pond, women often start their networking journeys from different backgrounds, sometimes even in less-than-ideal conditions.

  • Growth through Challenges: Networking involves overcoming challenges and obstacles, much like the lotus grows through the muddy water. Networking requires effort, persistence, and the ability to adapt.

  • Emerging Connections: As the lotus emerges on the surface, it blossoms into a beautiful flower. Similarly, through networking, women can establish meaningful connections and relationships that bring value and beauty to their lives or endeavors.


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