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About Us

Growing the number of women in leadership roles in the technology industry

The mission of MSH Empowers is simple: Empower Women to Make a Difference – specifically we want to do this by increasing the number of women in leadership roles in technology by offering opportunities to engage seasoned female professionals to re-enter the workforce after taking important time off.

There is a shortage of women in leadership roles in the IT industry.  Mentoring  young women  is critical to building a pipeline of candidates for thee roles, however in order to inspire these women to stay in technology – we need to increase the number of women in senior positions.  Having women who can set an example for the next generation of IT leaders is critical to addressing the current shortage.

That’s why MSH Empowers exists.  Its core mission is centered on fast tracking the influx of experienced women into management roles and empower them to identify and take the first steps toward doing this.  You, your neighbors, sisters and best friends – all come to the table with years of previous work experience that the world needs to leverage.

Whether you’re an empty nester, or have kids that are now in school full-time, or took a break from your career for other important reasons – if you’re ready to return to the workforce and want to work in technology, MSHE wants to help.

Rebuild your network and connect you to others that share your journey and want to help

Identify and get the training you need to hone your skills (speaking, technical, writing, etc.)

Work with people that can help you bridge the gap in your resume and help you identify your next steps

Maybe you’ve already launched your technology career and are ready to start a family or need to step away from full-time work for other important reasons – if you want to stay connected and maintain your network, MSHE wants to help.

Stay connected and grow your network of professionals on a regular basis

Meet and share experiences with women that are in the same stage of their career journey 

Maintain  your professional skills via webinars and other training opportunities 

The MSHE Community is committed to providing you with the tools, network and support you need to create and maintain strong connections to resources and career opportunities in the technology industry.

You Don’t Have to be Technical to Work in Technology!

The technology industry needs: finance leaders, HR leaders, sales execs and account managers, and legal and operations talent.

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Meet Nica:

As the face of MSHE, Nica symbolizes the monkey spirit that centers on power, grace, curiosity and energy. These traits also align with the monkey’s desire to search for the hidden meaning of things. According to folklore, the monkey totem helps direct your focus on relationships, well-being and helps you understand that you need to strike balance in your life if you want to achieve happiness and satisfaction. It also symbolizes the need to identify success and harness one’s energy to inspire others to reach their own.

That’s why Nica is the perfect symbol of how you can leverage your own talents, gifts and energy to find the balance you are looking for in life and fuel your journey as you re-enter the workforce.

So what’s up with her hammer?

Nica swings a hammer to build, forge and repair things in her life and the lives of others. While not the only tool she relies on, she does favor her hammer as she loves the idea that her hammer gives her the power to smash through her obstacles and achieve her goals.